WATCH: Monkey Man Breaks 100-Meter Record on All Fours

Kenichi Ito of Japan ran 100 meters in 17.47 seconds, which would be nothing extraordinary save for the fact that he did it on all fours. Basing his technique on the skills of the African Patas monkey, Ito practiced and perfected his skills for the past nine years.

The “Monkey Man” spoke of his difficulties training for the event, as per the Huffington Post.”In the streets around here I get stopped by the police, so I went up into the mountains for about a month for a kind of four-legged training camp,” he said. “But on the first day, a hunter mistook me for a wild boar, and he tried to shoot me.”

Ito’s world record nearly doubles the time set by Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt at the London Olympics, but the four legged athlete has big dreams for the sport. “One day, I am certain that all sprinters will be running on all fours,” he said, according to Metro. “That is my dream.” Good luck with that.

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