Kansas City Chiefs Knew of Belcher’s Troubled Relationship, Gave Counseling

jovan belcher kasandra perkins

More details continue to shake loose in the Jovan Belcher story.

The latest reveals that the Kansas City Chiefs officials were aware of the problems between Belcher and his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins. The team provided counseling to the couple and were “bending over backward” in an effort to help them with their relationship problems, Police Sgt. Richard Sharp told The Kansas City Star. Sharp told the Star that the couple had been arguing over relationship and financial issues for months, but in the parking lot on Saturday, Belcher said, “It was too late” to fix their problems.

Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli, Head Coach Romeo Crennel and linebackers coach Gary Gibbs all tried to reason with Belcher, but he responded, “Guys, I have to do this.” As police sirens drew closer, Belcher reportedly said “I got to go.” “I can’t be here.” He then knelt down behind a car, crossed himself, and fired a bullet into his head. Police believe he killed himself because he unable to live with himself for what he did to Perkins — whom he murdered in a hail of nine bullets.

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