NYPD Identifies Suspect in Brandon Lincoln Woodard Midtown Murder

Brandon Lincoln Woodard Murder, Brandon Woodard, Midtown Manhattan Shooting.

The detectives investigating the broad-daylight shooting of Brandon Lincoln Woodard in Midtown Manhattan on Monday believe they have identified the driver of the getaway car used in the murder, the New York Times is reporting.

Not too much is known about the suspect at the present time, the Times reports that he is a low-level criminal from Queens. The working theory right now is that the shooter fits a similar profile.

The pair made their getaway in a rented Lincoln MK7 Sedan.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly reiterated several times earlier today that no suspects had been identified in the case.

We’re certainly not in the position to identify a suspect here,”

Kelly also took the time to say that:

[the media] are undermining, or certainly have the potential of undermining, the investigation.”

The Daily News
reported that NYPD detectives took a 40-year-old Queens man into custody yesterday, but after questioning him, he was released without charge.

The man was reportedly the boyfriend of the woman who’s named on the rental details of the Lincoln getaway car. The man is not a suspect.

Stranger still is the alleged connection this murder has to a heinous three person homicide in Springfield Gardens, Queens, during July. In that case, three men were riddled with 63 bullets from an AK-47. A cell-phone that the Daily News reports is being “tracked in the Woodard killing”, (whatever that means), is the number of the party planner that hosted a party that the three men attended the night they were killed.

It is also reported by the New York Post that Woodard may have been lured to the street where he was killed on Monday by a text. The Los Angeles man was looking at his phone when he was shot.

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