Rob ‘Wack Dick’ Kardashian: Rita Ora ‘Let Me Get Her Pregnant’

rob kardashian rita ora pregnant

Rob Kardashian, the love-scorned d-bag brother of Kim Kardashian and professional Twitter tool, has continued his idiotic tweet war against the hottie musician who he says banged more than 20 other guys while she was dating him.

Rob-K, who’s handling his breakup with Rita Ora as well as Lindsay Lohan holds her liquor, today tweeted:

rob kardashian pregnant tweet rita ora rita whora
rita whora twitter trent
Classy, Rob, classy. This comes after Rob spent yesterday tweeting 1,000 different ways to call his ex a slut, even coining the brilliant nickname “Rita Whora,” which instantly trended on Twitter.

Rob-K later deleted the pregnancy tweet — he deletes all the best ones — which was in response to a (fake?) tweet from Rita that is more entertaining than all of Rob’s tweets combined:

“Rob’s dick was wack, I had to go get it somewhere else.”

Please let it be real.


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