Ryan Lanza Says He Loves His Brother, the Sandy Hook Killer

Ryan Lanza, Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Elementary, Sandy Hook Massacre

Ryan Lanza, whose brother Adam shocked the world on Dec. 14 when he slaughtered 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, said Saturday he misses the killer and his mother, who was his brother’s first victim.

Ryan Lanza, Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Elementary, Sandy Hook Massacre

I am a victim. I loss [sic] my mom and brother.

Ryan Lanza, Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Elementary, Sandy Hook MassacreThe New York Post, said Lanza also grieved for his brother’s young victims:

You all will be truly be missed, God Bless.

Lanza has joined several Facebook victim groups, as well as support groups that name him, such as “Support Ryan Lanza” and “Clear Ryan Lanza’s Name.” The older Lanza brother was initially identified as the Sandy Hook shooter, because his younger brother was carrying his identification when he shot up the school.

Ryan Lanza, who lives in New Jersey, has said he hadn’t spoken to his younger brother for almost two years. But he still says he loves the killer. After one poster wrote, on Lanza’s Facebook page that Adam Lanza deserved to “rot in hell” and was “the scum of the earth, the murderer’s brother responded:

I am so tired of people blaming me for something my brother did. I love Adam, his [sic] my brother. But you have no right to call my brother names when he isn’t here no more. Just let my brother rest in peace. Please. Respect that.

Lanza told The Post that the person who made the post was a stranger.

He is calling my brother a monster when he don’t even know him.

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