World’s Richest Lottery ‘El Gordo’ Pays Out $3.3 Billion Jackpot

Lottery winners celebrate Saturday in Granen, Spain.

The world’s richest lottery, “El Gordo” in Spain, is making history with a record high jackpot of $3.3 billion.

$3.3 billion.

That’s insane! Could you imagine winning $3.3 billion? Not to mention that the prize money is tax-free. Though, there are many more jackpot winners in Spain than the usual one or two that we have in America. The Spaniard lottery practices a share-the-wealth system in which thousands of people get a piece of the pie. Forty people split the grand prize of $3.3 billion on Saturday and 1,800 others collected smaller prizes. Last year, an entire town of 250 residents won the lottery by sharing a ticket.

I’m moving to Spain.

The Spanish lottery, which comes once a year and is also known as the Christmas lottery, is in its 200th year and it’s called “El Gordo,” which means “The Fat One,” for obvious reasons.

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1 comment

  1. That’s wounderful i wish i’ve lived in spain i would have played every year and win a lot of cash. Lucky you SPANIARDS