20 Kids More Badass Than You Will Ever Be

most badass kids ever

Maybe you finally bought that Harley-Davidson you’ve been dreaming about for years or got a tattoo on your 40th, that doesn’t squat to these kids. These 20 shortys have been rebels without a cause since birth and are only becoming more badass each year. The kids aren’t alright.

kid stands down cops

Go ahead, make his day.

kid wearing fish basket

“No fish for you!”

peter criss kid drummer

Yes, he gets the groupies.

girls screaming at horse

This little rebel doesn’t take lip from man or beast.

badass mullet kid

Did you ever get a trophy simply for being a badass?

kid with burning car

Granted this kid probably lives in a civil war stricken third-world country, but he’s still got a mean game face.

smoking kid dj

Dropping beats and indulging in unhealthy vices.

kid with homemad blow torch

Remember kids, only play with hairspray and lighters under the supervision of an unfit parent.

warrior girl

Revenge shall be hers.

badass mohawk kid

“See you in the mosh pit, mofo.”

Hellboy and boy

Little dude is so badass that even Hell Boy wants to kick it with him.

kid flipping the bird

Team spirit to the extreme.

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rocking out kid

They might as well go ahead and start clearing some room for him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

kid throwing gang signs

Throwing up gang signs already? Preschool is going to be a troubling time for this little guy.

kid burning down the house

Nobody tells him when it’s time for bed. Nobody.

mad scientist kid

Generally, this is what our government scientists are doing anyway. The kid should fit right in.

thrasher mullet kid

If you ever see this kid you should probably spend an afternoon moonlighting with him just to improve your lame life.

kid pimping at hooters

Don’t hate the player. He gets free wings for life!

big bus little kid

Maybe not your standard badass here, but certainly some balls to pull this move off.

kid walks away from explosion

Right out of the Hollywood cliche handbook.

And now the nine-year-old Japanese wrestling champ.

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