Arthur Douglas Harmon: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Arthur Douglas Harmon, Phoenix Office Shooting

Authorities identify 70-year-old Arthur Douglas Harmon as the gunman who opened fire on an Phoenix office building Wednesday morning in a mass shooting that left one dead, another in critical condition and three others wounded. The shooting followed a legal mediation meeting in which the suspect was involved and authorities say the attack was targeted and not a random act of violence. Here’s what you need to know about suspect Arthus Douglas Harmon.

Steven D. Singer, Phoenix Office Shooting

Steven D. Singer

1. Arthur Douglas Harmon Shot and Killed Steven D. Singer
Steven D. Singer has been identified as the 48-year-old man that was shot and killed by Harmon. Singer was the CEO of Fusion Contact Centers LLC, the company that the suspect was in a legal dispute with. Fusion Contact Centers is a Scottsdale-based company that specializes in technical support, billing and other services. Singer was transported to a hospital in extremely critical condition following the incident, but later died.

Mark Hummels, Phoenix Office Shooting

Mark Hummels

2. Mark Hummels Was Also Shot and is in Critical Condition
Mark Hummels, Singer’s attorney representing Fusion, was also shot by Harmon. His practice focuses on business disputes, real estate litigation and legal malpractice defense. The 43-year-old attorney was shot in the neck and lower back and went into surgery Wednesday afternoon. He currently remains in critical condition.

Andrea Marconi, a colleague of the attorney write to The Arizona Republic of his condition.

“The latest information I have is that Mark has a strong pulse after surgery and the doctors are optimistic about his recovery, so this is encouraging news,” she said.

3. One Other Was Shot and Two More Were Wounded in Non-Gunshot Injuries
A 32-year-old woman was also shot, but does not suffer life threatening injuries. Two others were also injured in non-gunshot related injuries.

4. Harmon was Scheduled to Attend a Settlement Conference at the Building in a Lawsuit he Filed
According to court documents, the suspect was scheduled to meet in a law office in the building that he opened fire in for a settlement conference in a lawsuit he filed in April against Fusion Contact Centers. Apparently, the company hired him to refurbish office cubicles at two call centers in California. Harmon was paid $30,000 under a $47,000 contract, but Fusion asked him to repay much of the money when it discovered that the cubicles could not be refurbished. Harmon’s lawsuit sought payment for the remainder of the contract as well as $20,000 in damages and reimbursement for storage fees and legal costs.

5. When He Arrived, Harmon Got into a Dispute
Phoenix Office Shooting, Arthur Douglas Harmon
Harmon arrived at the Arizona office building around 10:30 a.m. and reportedly got into a dispute with someone and the conflict escalated from there, ending in him drawing a gun and shooting three people.

6. Police Believe the Shooting Was a Targeted Act
Given the relationship Harmon had with those involved with the shooting, it was clearly not a random act of violence.

“We believe the two men were the targets. It was not a random shooting,” Sgt. Tommy Thompson, a Phoenix police spokesman, said.

7. Harmon is Driving a 2013 Kia Optima
Arthur Douglas Harmon, Kia Optima, Phoenix Office Shooting
The gunman fled the scene in a white vehicle and fired shots at a witness chasing him in an attempt to get his license plate number. Sgt. Thompson reported that they are in search of a 2013 Kia Optima with the license plate license plate AVS 2052.

8. Police Found His Home Empty
Police surrounded Harmon’s North 28th Street house shortly after the shooting, but did not enter the home until about 3:45 p.m. after they obtained a search warrant requested by Harmon’s son. SWAT officers entered the home, but the suspect was not present.

9. His Wife Says He Owns Two Guns
Gabrielle Giffords
Police tracked down Harmon’s wife and is currently cooperating with authorities. She told them her husband owns two guns. The shooting took place on the same day that hearings on legislation to address gun violence were convened in Washington D.C. that saw former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords testify for stricter gun control.

10. The Suspect Remains at Large
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