Cops: Man Saws Wife into Pieces & Stashes Her in Buddy’s Garage

manya johnson steven roger johnson

An drunk man with a violent past shot his wife in the head on Sunday, sawed her body into little pieces in the shower and stashed the dismembered corpse in plastic bins in his friend’s garage, according to police.

Steven Roger Johnson allegedly shot his wife in the head, sawed her body into pieces and stashed the corpse in plastic bins in his friend’s garage.

Steven Roger Johnson of St. Paul, Minnesota, a registered sex offender, allegedly murdered 32-year-old Manya Jewell Johnson on Sunday — with their 18-month-old in the home — because he was irate that she planned to leave him.

Manya, who went by Manya Twite Johnson on Facebook, knew of her husband’s sketchy past but believed in new beginnings, apparently.

According to the Post Bulletin, Johnson’s friend whose garage Johnson had stashed his wife’s body parts in didn’t know what happened until Johnson called him later.

Johnson was sentenced to 17 years in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree criminal sexual conduct in 1996 after it was reported that he and an accomplice handcuffed a woman in a car and raped her. Johnson also allegedly threatened to kill the woman.

Johnson was released from jail in 2008 and married Manya in 2009.

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