Off-Duty Corrections Cop Guns Down Girlfriend’s Ex on the Street

Off-Duty Corrections Officer, Shoots Girlfriend's Ex, Brooklyn, East Flatbush.

The corner in East Flatbush were the shooting is alleged to have taken place.

NYPD are questioning an off-duty corrections officer after he opened fire on his girlfriend’s former lover on a Brooklyn street corner at around 1:10 p.m. today, the New York Post reports. The former-boyfriend of the woman was shot near in the chest near his heart.

The victim was brought to King’s County Hospital where his condition is not known.

The alleged shooter’s girlfriend is also a corrections officer. The couple allege they were being followed by the victim in a car, and a confrontation ensued at the corner of Utica Avenue and Clarendon Road in East Flatbush. The ex was shot in the chest.

According to NBC New York:

…the shooter has told detectives he thought the victim had a gun. So far police have not found one.

It was not clear what made the 32-year-old corrections officer fire his weapon, a source said.

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