Proposal Picture Hilariously Photobombed by Unsuspecting Onlooker

proposal photobomb disneyland viral

Chris Jimenez proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Cristina Silva, after they finished the Never Land Family Fun Run 5K on January 19 at Disneyland ,and the magic moment was caught on camera — as well as an unsuspecting onlooker who hilariously photobombed the picture.

The picture of the proposal with the shocked photobomber went viral after the couple posted the picture to Facebook.

Silva describes what happened:

We saw it and he [Chris] posted it on his Facebook and, of course, all his friends started liking it. Little by little, we started seeing it other places. I never thought it would get this big. I was just focused on me that day. We really didn’t think it would get this big. But it is a cute picture. We love it.

The couple does not have any concrete wedding plans yet, but they joked that they would like to use the picture as their “Save the Date” notice to their guests.

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