Rocket Launchers Collected in N.J. & Seattle Gun Buybacks


New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa and other officials look at the military rocket launcher that was turned in at the gun buyback in Trenton.

A gun-buyback event in New Jersey collected more than 2,600 firearms, with a rocket launcher, semi-automatic rifles that are currently banned in New Jersey, and sawed-off shotguns making up the 700 illegal weapons that were collected, reports the Daily News.

Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa said that more than 90 percent of the guns turned in were operable. He said $324,000 was used for this gun buyback, with nearly $100,000 in vouchers because officials ran out of cash in the second day.

nj gun buyback

The event, held in the state capital of Trenton, was no-questions-asked, with no cross-checking of the guns to see if they have been used in a crime. The illegal guns are traded in for $250, shotguns and revolvers earned $150, inoperable weapons got $50, and BB guns were worth $25. All guns turned in will be destroyed.

A similar missile-launching weapon, available only to someone serving in the military, was turned in during a buyback program in Seattle earlier this week.

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