Families Irate as ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Uses 9/11 Victims’ Voices Without Permission

Zero Dark Thirty Voice Recordings

Brad Fetchet, the deceased son of Mary and Frank who worked on the 89th floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower.

The controversy surrounding Zero Dark Thirty continues.

This time, the family members of deceased 9/11 victims are upset over their loved ones’ final voice recordings used in the film without their permission.

The start of the movie features the actual emergency voice recordings of some of the 3,000 victims that passed away on that fateful day. One of those voices belongs to the deceased son of Mary and Frank Fetchet, Brad. Before his death, Brad called his parents to tell that he was okay. This calL was the last time that Brad’s parents would heard from him.

Zero Dark Thirty Recordings

Mary Fetchet (left) and Frank Fetchet (right) with their son Brad (second from the right).

Mary spoke with CBS about the painful memories that came from hearing Brad’s final phone call again and her authorized use of the audio:

When I arrived home I found Brad’s message on our phone, and, of course, these were his last words in my view, because we never heard from him again. My first thought was, isn’t anything sacred anymore? I used it in situations where I wanted to convey Brad’s story. None of those situations were used for promotional or professional or commercial endeavors.

Frank also spoke about the anguish over losing their son and the movie studio’s response to the families of the deceased victims:

Losing a loved one so horribly — the ongoing anguish we’ve been going through — it’s a treasured remembrance, it’s a treasured message. It’s ours. To say they’ve reached out to families — yeah, reached to say, ‘come to the preview’ after the film is already completed.

This isn’t the only case of a family being upset over their dead loved one’s final moments being used for “Zero Dark Thirty.”

The New York Times made note of the Ong family being upset over Betty Ann’s final phone call audio being used for the film. Betty, who worked as a flight attendant, phoned her family before dying on American Airlines Flight 11.

Zero Dark Thirty Recordings

Betty Ann Ong, 45.

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The Ong family requested a public apology from the film’s creators at this Sunday’s past Oscars and a donation to the charity set up in Betty’s name. Betty’s brother told the New York Times:

I thought it was just outrageous, and totally poor judgment, and an abuse of the voices.

“Zero Dark Thirty’s” writer/producer Mark Boal has been the subject of these families’ requests to have their deceased loved one’s voices removed. The movie’s creators claimed that they’ve been in close contact with both families. They stated that they even invited them to private screenings of the film.

The movie’s website has tried to do right by these families by placing their 9/11 charities/organizations online. They went on to state that:

“Zero Dark Thirty,” is in some small way, a tribute to those forever affected by the attacks.

A video news report on the this story can be viewed below:

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