Mother KISSES Her Jailed Son to Pass Him Drugs

William Partridge, Kimberly Margeson, Mom Son Drug Kiss

William Partridge and his mother Kimberly Margeson

An upstate New York woman passed her jailed son drugs by kissing him when she visited him in a county jail, says a CBS News report.

The mother, 54-year-old Kimberly Margeson of Penn Yan, was visiting her son, William Partridge, when she passed Oxycodone pills by way of mouth. It’s not clear whether or not their tongues were involved in the exchanged, but it’s assumed that a simple motherly peck wouldn’t have done the trick.

Partridge was caught with the pills and his mother was arrested. Margeson was charged of criminal sale of a controlled substance and promoting prison contraband, but pleaded not guilty. Partridge, who is in jail for an unrelated felony, was also charge of promoting prison contraband.

Since the story broke, the mother has been condemned for not only supplying drugs to her son, but for the inappropriate method she used.

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