Fatima bin Laden: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Osama's kids

Osama bin Laden was married four times and had more kids than you can imagine, some stayed loyal to this father’s jihad, while others distanced themselves. His eldest daughter, Fatima, ran away with her family to Iran after the 9/11 attacks. Here are some quick facts you need to know about Osama’s daughter.

1. She Was Born to Osama’s First Wife

Fatima was the seventh child born to Osama bin Laden’s first wife, Najwa Ghanem. According to the IBTimes, she was born in 1987 in Afghanistan.

2. She Married When She Was 12

Saleem Saeed Baraikan

According to the Long War Journal, Fatima was only 12 when she was married to Saleem Saeed Baraikan, Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard. After marrying Fatima, Baraikan grew close with the Al-Qaeda, causing him to stay separated from his wife for long periods in the caves of Afghanistan where Osama was held. It was believed that he was killed during a US missile strike, but his body was never found.

3. She Married Again to Sulaiman Abu Ghaith

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith

Fatima remarried to another Al-Qaeda member named Sulaiman Abu Ghaith who was 47 at the time in 2000, NDTV reported. He was a Muslim preacher and teacher in Kuwait who spoke against Saddam Hussein’s plans to invade his country back in the early 1990s. He met his future father-in-law Osama when he visited Afghanistan. He served as a spokesman for Al-Qaeda appearing in many of Osama’s videos talking about their agenda against America.

4. Sulaiman Appeared in Trial

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith in Trial

Earlier in March, Sulaiman was captured in Jordan by the CIA and was eradicated to the US for his trial this month. He pleaded not guilty in a terrorist case when he appeared in court Friday morning in New York City, according to the NYTimes. His arrest was made unclear but he was somehow staying in Turkey for over a decade until he was deported to his home country. Officials took him into custody after a stop in Jordan and flew him over to New York to await for a court hearing.

5. She Currently Resides in Tehran

Tehran Iran

After the 9/11 attacks, Osama’s wives and children ran to Iran where they were under protection by the government. According to Arabic paper Aawsat, she has a husband and a five-month old daughter. It’s currently unknown who she is married to even though reports suggest that Sulaiman is still married to her.

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