Naked Cycling Makes World Forget Tour de France Ever Existed

Nice rims, and I’m not talking about the ones on your bike.

If Germany is going to have topless sledding, then you can guarantee nude cyling enthusiasts are going to have their moment, too. The 2013 World Naked Bike Ride took place in Australia over the weekend and drew hundreds of breast and bottom baring bikers onto the streets of Melbourne. The ride is all part of a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers cyclists face each day on the road from automobiles.

world naked bike ride

Cars are hitting cyclists, so why not throw a couple hundred naked bikers on the road? Surely, that won’t cause a distraction for motorists. In addition to raising awareness about the dangers bikers face, the campaign also aims to expose the benefits of biking as a nature friendly mode of transportation and promote a body positive image. Naked biking good, cars bad. Grrrrr.

world naked bike ride

The campaign isn’t limited to only Australia, but also has sprung up in London and has included nude rollerbladers, skateboarders an uni-cyclists. Just be careful with those bike chains, people. Nothing ruins a fun afternoon more than getting your junk caught in some bike gears. Ouch.

world naked bike ride

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world naked bike ride

world naked bike ride

world naked bike ride

Via Huffpost


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