WATCH: Six-Year-Old Girl Owns Breakdancing Battle

Watch out Dora the Explorer, there’s a newer and cooler Dora in town.  A little six-year-old girl named “Dora the Destroyer” by YouTubers has sparked widespread fan-demonium with her precocious air flare skills and sick dance moves.  As seen in the video below, taken during the Chelles Battle Pro in France, the adorable  “Dora the Destroyer” (real name Terra) struts onstage with her gray and pink track suit and awes the audience with her her smooth tricks and fierce attitude.

Fast-forward to second 40 to catch Terra’s awe-inspiring performance.

“Dora the Destoyer” deservedly took home the title of “Best Dancer of the Baby Battle” and proved herself going up against older boys.

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Don’t forget Terra’s awesome round 2:

It is remarkable that reality shows such as Toddlers in Tiaras  and Here Comes Honey-Boo-Boo are making rating lee-way while young female talent like this goes comparatively unrecognized. case you forgot, this girl is six-years-old.

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