Standoff Continues in Herkimer, N.Y., Between Police and Kurt Myers

Kurt Myers Herkimer Shooting Mohawk Shooting, Upstate New York shooting.

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Cops Kill NY Shooting Suspect Kurt Myers in Basement Shootout

Kurt Myers, who killed four people in a shooting spree on Wednesday, has been shot and killed by police.

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Freddy’s Jewelers in downtown Herkimer, N.Y., remains the scene of a siege between law enforcement and the suspected murderer Kurt Myers. It’s believed that Myers took shots at police earlier in the day, but there has been no movement from the alleged killer for hours.

Myers is alleged to have shot six people and killed four across two different locations in the towns of Mohawk and Herkimer, both located in Herkimer County, New York. The victims have been named:

Mohawk Location
Harry Montgomery – deceased, age 68
Michael Rancier – deceased, age 57
John Seymour – critical condition
Dan Haslauer – critical condition

Herkimer Location

Thomas Stefka – deceased
Michael Renshaw – deceased

Kurt Myers Herkimer Shooting Mohawk Shooting Upstate New York shooting

In Mohawk, Myers’ home town, the shootings occurred in a barber shop. The victims who were killed there were Harry Montgomery and Michael Rancier. John Seymour, owner of the barber shop, and Dan Haslauer, were injured in that shooting. Police said in a statement to reporters that Myers entered the shop, exchanged some words with the owner and the patrons before opening fire.

Kurt Meyer Herkimer Shooting Mohawk Shooting Upstate New York shooting

In the town of Herkimer, Stefka and Renshaw were both shot and killed at a car wash. Thomas Stefka was in his 60s and was an employee at the car wash. Michael Renshaw was a veteran of the New York Department of Corrections.

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