AP Twitter HACKED: ‘Explosions in White House, Obama Injured’

The AP’s Twitter was just hacked, and an alarming tweet went out that sent the online world into a momentary frenzy:

ap twitter hacked obama injured

The Dow Jones instantly dropped 100 points, as you can see in this chart from Google Finance:

ap twitter hacked stock market crash

Sam Hananel of AP quickly confirmed that it was a hack:

AP did damage control on its Facebook page:

ap hack

The White House confirmed the president is fine:

TMZ is reporting that the group behind this Twitter hack is the same behind the leak of financial data of Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Beyonce and other high-profile officials and celebrities. TMZ reports the same group, earlier today, “issued an ultimatum to the U.S. Government — either declare war on North Korea or they will detonate bombs at the White House …”

TMZ screen

But the Syrian Electronic Army is claiming responsibility for today’s hack:

The Washington Post reports the Syrian Electronic Army “have hijacked a series of Twitter feeds over the last few weeks.”

ap twitter hacked syrian electronic army

Syrian Electronic Army: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Organization Responsible for the Recent AP Twitter Hack has been revealed to be the Syrian Electronic Army.

Click here to read more
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