Kevin Purfield: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Kevin Purfield

45-year-old Kevin Purfield.

Forty-five-year-old Kevin Purfield allegedly took it upon himself to harass the Aurora, Colorado shooting victims’ families through e-mail, social media and phone calls.

Here’s what you need to know about Purfield, his alleged crimes, and his arrest.

1. Purfield is “Mentally Ill”
Koin 6 News reported that Kevin Purfield of Portland, Oregon, was arraigned on April 11 for making several harassing phone calls to the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater victims’ families. He was first arrested on April 10 on the block of 1100 Northeast Portland. Purfield has pleaded not guilty to five counts of telephonic harassment and one count of stalking. He is now being held on $100,000 jail bond. Both the prosecutor and the Purfield’s defense attorney stated in court that the man is mentally ill.

2. Detectives Were Contacted About Purfield’s Crimes in February
The detectives who worked on this case were reportedly contacted about Purfield by the Aurora Police Department in late February 2013. The Aurora Police Department requested the aid of detectives for Purfield’s unwanted phone calls. The Aurora police gave these Portland, Oregon detectives Purfield’s name and other personal information.

3. Some of The Phone Calls Used Foul Language
PPB (Portland Police Bureau) spokesperson Sgt. Pete Simpson stated that none of the phone call contacts were threatening, but they were certainly unwanted. Purfield reportedly used used foul language when speaking to the families, he said.

4. He Has a YouTube Channel
Purfield actually has an official YouTube page, which contains videos about his conspiracy theories as they relate to the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting and the Sandy Hook school shooting.

5. Purfield Posted A Video About His Aurora Movie Theater’s Conspiracy Theories

One of Purfield’s YouTube videos provides some more info on the phone calls he made regarding the Aurora victims, the Sandy Hook shooting, and the empty coffins he reportedly heard about.

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