Hero Charles Ramsey is a Felon Who Beat His Wife

charles ramsey criminal domestic violence

Charles Ramsey — the heroic neighbor in the Cleveland kidnapping rescue whose epic interviews have gone viral (original and autotuned) — is a convicted felon who did hard time for three instances of domestic violence.

The Smoking Gun dug up the dirt on this Internet darling, casting a shadow over Ramsey’s quirky comments and heroic deed.

Say it ain’t so, Charles.

WATCH: The Only Charles Ramsey Autotune Video You Need to Watch

Heroic kidnap rescuer and Internet sensation Charles Ramsey has been autotuned like crazy. Here is, by far, the best autotune out there.

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Charles Ramsey: Top 10 Memes Glorifying the Newly Sung Hero

Arising from obscurity came a hero media watchdogs pray for: Charles Ramsey.

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