N-Bomb Killer Designer Drug: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

n-bomb, designer, drug, smiley, 25i

A new designer drug has emerged in the high school teen scene, posing (sometimes unsuspectingly) as LSD.

Here’s what you need to know about “N-Bomb.”

1. It Could Be the Deadliest Designer Drug to Date

The Daily Mail reports:

The street drug has so far killed five people in the United States and it can be particularly lethal since its relative simple chemical formula can be reproduced by anyone with just a basic understanding of chemistry.

n-bomb, chemical, make-up

It is also currently unregulated by federal law.

Warn your friends to stay away from N-bomb!

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2. It is Derived from Mescaline

According to Yahoo! News:

[N-bomb] is derived from mescaline, which occurs naturally in peyote cactus. The technical name of the substance is phenethylamine.

The substance isn’t technically illegal because it is made from two banned parent drugs.

peyote, n-bomb

Peyote cactus from Wikimedia

3. It is Administered Just Like LSD

N-bomb can be taken as a liquid, a powder, or as a tab on a blotter paper under the tongue.

4. It Was Discovered in 2003 and Emerged in 2010 Online as a Designer Drug

According to Wikipedia:

25I-NBOMe (2C-I-NBOMe) is a derivative of the substituted phenethylamine psychedelic 2C-I, discovered in 2003 by Ralf Heim at the Free University of Berlin, and subsequently investigated by a team at Purdue University led by David Nichols.

The chemical had no history of human use prior to being sold online as a designer drug in 2010.

5. It Has Other Street Names

It is also known as “Smiles” and “25I.”

Its most common name, “N-bomb,” comes from the chemical name of the drug.

n-bomb, lsd, designer, drug

6. It Can Have Similar Effects to “Bath Salts”

Bath salts made the news after a slew of gruesome stories emerged about people acting violently while on them. While no violent crimes have been reported regarding N-bomb, there are also other side effects that align with other designer drugs, including: confusion, difficulties communicating, paranoia, seizures, and death.

Warn your friends to stay away from N-bomb!

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7. Deaths Have Been Reported in North Dakota, Virginia, Louisiana, and Most Recently Arizona

My Fox Phoenix reports on the most recent tale, recounting the death of high school senior Noah Carrasco:

8. N-Bomb Can Also Cause Long-Term Damage

People who have survived hospitalization from bad N-bomb trips also have to worry about long-term damage to kidneys, and possibly kidney failure. And like all psychedelics, mental disorders can surface.

9. Some States Are Already Classifying N-Bomb as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance

In response to the fatalities caused by the designer drug, Virginia, Louisiana and Florida have deemed N-bomb a Schedule I controlled substance.

Warn your friends to stay away from N-bomb!

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10. The Feds Have Taken Notice

Wikipedia cites:

25I-NBOMe is unscheduled under United States federal law. However, it could be considered an analog of 2C-I (a Schedule I controlled substance) under the Federal Analogue Act. In this case, sale or possession of 25I-NBOMe with the intent of human consumption would be illegal. The United States Department of Homeland Security is currently attempting to prosecute someone in federal court with 25I-related charges under the analogue act.


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this is a load of crap ^^^^^^^^^^^ that’s all k2 or “spice” i hate uninformative pages that dont know what there talking about.

R VanElsacker

Our son died because of this on August 31st of this year this is not a load of crap it is reality


If youre an idiot, and take about 10 times as much as youre supposed to, then its lethal. Aka. If youre not am idiot, it isnt lethal.


That’s not a load of crap, nbome is a potent psychedelic, k2 is a synthetic cannabinoid. I’m not saying K2 isn’t psychedelic, But NBOME I assure you is psychedelic.

There’s a boatload of concerns about that though and this chemical can not be safely consumed. Therefor I recommend sublingual and spit, or smoke it, if you must try it. And also, if you never did shrooms, peyote, LSD, DMT… Do all those FIRST before even thinking of touching this.


Who ever wrote this , I agree with u 100%.. amen brother . That k2 shit not right it killing us . I’ve done it all an smoke it for long time . Hards drugs I ever had to kick . Bc it was killing me . I mite still die from smoking it so long .. So if this help save another person life . Please quit smoking that trash took me long time to understand bc I was hook like crack . It’s nothing play with kids it’s no joke


This is really a terrible article. Whenever I decide to do some hallucinogenic psychedelics, I always eat well that day (balanced and nutritional) and I always max my body out with B Vitamins. Why do I do this? Because it keeps bad stuff from happening. Chances are all these (apologies, but it really is true) idiots who decided to trip this drug and died because of it are primarily because they were not taking care of their body. Not saying I take care of my body… but I always do when I trip. ESPECIALLY when taking mescaline-related drugs. “But, X person does take care of their body!” Well, obviously they weren’t getting the right vitamins for the trip. B vitamins (and, technically, vitamin D, vitamin D breaks down B vitamins and makes them available for use) are essential to using psychedelic drugs. They are the class of vitamins that actually replaces serotonin, the active neurochemical which gives hallucinogenics their effects and also becomes essentially consumed by using hallucinogenics. Guess what happens when you run out of serotonin? Normally, you stop tripping right there. BUT, when you are tripping on mescaline-related drugs, the brain will begin to use the drug because mescaline slightly mirrors the chemical composition of serotonin. So, basically your brain starts to fry like that “Your Brain on Drugs” PSA back in the 80’s. Of course, this only gets worse with taking extreme doses. I once had a friend who tripped a lot of 2C-I and had this happen to him, guess what he wasn’t doing? Eating right, previous to the trip. I won’t get into specifics but he really wasn’t eating right and also smoking extreme ammounts of marijuana (another thing that will deplete available serotonin).

This being said… I took 25-I once and it was a wonderful experience. In some parts it was like seeing life as a series of still images, and at other times it was like an OOBE. Some things I really just don’t have words to describe. Of course, this drug will affect many people in many different ways, but an accurate dose (which said information is readily available on erowid) and good pre-trip habits were enough to keep my trip safe. Knowing and having trust in the chemist will go a long way as well. Whether it’s by inhalation, combustion, or inahalation, I can’t see reason why someone would have a very adverse experience with this drug without taking the necessary precautions a drug like this requires. Also, with any drug, it’s always a good idea to take a chance with a drug in very low doses to check for adverse affects, which is probably another thing these poor, naive kids didn’t do.

Also, while many people point out that your ridiculous pictures up here are spice, the very top one actually looks like the drug, so cheers for that. But, as for the others… lol I’ve smoked many a bag of Mr. Happy, and that’s not 25-I you nincompoop, that’s just some mid-grade spice, which is a completely different story and a drug that I will never take again (for those of you that know what a low-level OD of spice feels like… I’ve had it… never again… never again…). Ever.

Tl;dr version
You ever heard the saying “guns don’t kill people, bullets do”? Pretty much true, but on the same token – drugs don’t kill people, stupid people kill themselves.

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