OBAMA PROM PHOTO: Check Out 17-Year-Old ‘Barry’ in Champagne Pre-Party

obama prom photo
Above, from left, Obama’s best buddy Greg Orme, Orme’s date and Obama’s friend Kelli Allman (who gave the photos to Time), a 17-year-old Obama, and Obama’s prom date Megan Hughes.

Provided to Time magazine by Kelli Allman, never-before-published photos depict a 17-year-old Barry Obama, then a senior at Punahou High School in Hawaii, with his arm around prom date Megan Hughes. They’re posing, champagne in hand, with his best friend Greg Orme and Allman, Orme’s date.

See additional photos on Time’s website.

Allman also provided Time with a scan of Barry’s yearbook message to her, which reads:

It has been so nice getting to know you this year. You are extremely sweet and foxy, I don’t know why Greg would want to spend any time with me at all. You really deserve better than clowns like us; you even laugh at my jokes! I hope we can keep in touch this summer, even though Greg will be gone. Call me up, and I’ll buy you lunch sometime. 979-[smudged number]. Anyway, good luck in everything you do, and stay happy.
Your friend,
LOVE [heart sign]
Barry Obama

Is Barry making a move on his best friend’s girl?

Meanwhile, here’s a look at Michelle Obama’s prom photo. She attended Whitney Young High School in Chicago.

barack michelle obama prom photo

The 20 Worst Prom Photo Fails

Prom: an excuse amongst high schoolers to partake in merriment that sometimes leads to debauchery, and sometimes to botched photo ops.

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