Tumblr Founder on $1.1B Yahoo Deal: ‘F*ck Yeah’

david karp fuck yeah tumblr yahoo sale

David Karp, the 26-year-old programmer who founded Tumblr in a bedroom of his mom’s apartment, celebrated the news of Tumblr’s sale to Yahoo in a spirited blog post that assures his fans the microblogging site will only get better.

On the Tumblr staff blog, Karp paints the $1.1 billion acquisition — which makes him some $220 million richer — as a win-win that won’t kill the scrappy spirit of his company:

“Simply, Tumblr gets better faster.”

He signs off with a very un-corporate F-bomb. Here’s the post:

david karp fuck yeah tumblr yahoo

But despite Karp’s attempt to assure his users the platform is still cool — and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s promise not to “screw it up”AllThingsD has a reality check: You’re going to see more ads:

It takes a lot of money to move Yahoo’s needle. And Yahoo thinks Tumblr — which generated all of $13 million last year — will do that within the next 20 months. … It’s a free Web product, which means it’s not really free at all. So if you’re using it, you’re going to pay with your eyeballs. You’re not surprised, right?

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