Texas ‘American Fireworks Inc’ Warehouse on Fire Days Before July 4

via @Newsbreaker Twitter

via @Newsbreaker Twitter

Just days before July 4 celebrations, a fireworks warehouse in Bashtrop, Texas “American Fireworks Inccaught on fire. Emergency services are on the scene after responding to a “major explosion” was reported. The fire is believed to have started just before 11am. According to recent reports, nobody is believed to have been injured. When local news called into American Fireworks,  a female employee answered with, “I have to go there’s a fire.”

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Fireworks in the area recently became legal again, but only for the 4th of July season. People in Texas are now allowed to buy and use fireworks for personal use, including often restricted “rockets with sticks” or “missiles with fins.” When American Fireworks Inc. owner was interviewed by local news earlier this month, he said he was thankful for the recent legal changes, “its gonna make for a tremendous fireworks season…”


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