30 Strange & Sexy Photos of Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend

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    • we should have skill gain concern teach at collecge atleast and have right to use it legally..when it been public/polular(and every other thing) people can have more many ‘simple’ point to discuss, hence, develope discussing culture and less gang culture, shooting,… for example gun not for under 18-21 that mean need to be good at banning bad attitude as banning weapon…<- such simple thing but at this moment still need building .

      this step done then this one can get some concern.

      imagine Ian whyte ( avarta, Wun wun the giant_ game of throne…) has mutant bones, he gets concern much easier.

      From this point i think of "building skill gain concern" and i also can see that people "can not absort/ digest too many phenomenon" together at the same time.(2 basic point to build up this kind of theory, somebody need to do this, please, for mankind's sake)

      hence, an arrangement is nessecary, a management/ organization such as i can not sleep with Ian but I really can hook up linsday but my personal shyness sheepy me do not want to be famous with/ by old/ popular play. hence, cause about 10-15% change lose/ cannot achive.<– my usual situation ( i just think but my pen curl..)

      Astrology show a way, each person has her/himself specific lucky time every year. hence each person success not in the same time so i may see linsday sucess while Ed may be the next few week but once they envy to each person within these few week/ month, hence, lead to broke

      hence, whatelse can be done, there the term" the blind one lead a blind one so together they fall in the hole". hence, to percept stuck situation is essensial. there the need to see that are we blind, is the situation stucking, we need the stop point. stop to take a break, and prepare a plant, essensial.

      the program Run wild with Bear Grill is about two thing: everyone can has they worst moment in life, living in a city but you dont know anyone is likely living in forest/ desert.

      Just too many phenommenon and we do running wild..
      do not and never bet your life..

        • i m taurus 1991 edward 1983 and lindsay (1987?) all suitable chinese astrology… i get lucky this sep nor nov..and i should get married early so it’s alot of all of this kind of situation cuz in my mind that edward in difficulity and he wish me/ anyone could help gain concern hook up linsday… so it;s alot this kind of situaiton(usuall) to me…

          just delete all post then if somewhat show that what i am doing is kind of IS..

          no way, young and effective hooker activitist me..
          ( there are law activitivites World Union but no one ever read…)

          • the movie expecting in toronto but seem someone looking to add my detail in cuz i comment here.. its waste time, invest too much gain no efect at all( investment sensor) anyway i ll fill in info ‘ in my head”.
            i watch trailer and i see the movie show not enough content as ” in my head ” that edward always work in not exact sector educated, anime, manga in japan and cia in us, he gains strange experiment but effective, it s more rightful to be cooperater of cia/ manga, anime business. cooperater, not boss.
            taking info from the under sea cable is kind og tricky talent too, not educated in university or elsewhere, it tricky.
            he may get sex in japan, i think, its serious. if it occur , it not in movie. search hot jav we will see. or know some about ‘ easy women’ issue japan – korea ww2. its like right- wrong adult battle but hence’ , genesis or social issue.
            try solve this: idont hide ip so im not anonymous but i lazy/ tired fill in above…hence, there aspesct i am, to say on another word : somewhat i am, which descripe more exact?

            • watch the movie ‘ snow piecer’ there edward snowden, bill gates, steven spillberg, white house speaker( i forgot his name) , and Sysiphus who roll the rock to top of mountain in Hadex kingdom again and again. its in my head that those functional food portable producer can supply EU in finacial crisis, there are many of it cuz there was a time universities invest for portable food supplyment device.
              and, last week i think i see edward snowdel in front of my door. there 4 volunteer in my house had lunch with him. ” assume” time traveling, at this point we/ edward know himself homeless, we back in time warn him so the story not occur or there add- in condition/ details so he could not advoid it ans story occur. its ” flash point paradox” because in this moment its doesnt say that edward snowden speak french.
              so, conclude that time traveling solve the problem, cancel bad thing occur, or we just take the role of people we cover.