Giant Honey Mushroom Beats Fungus Found in China: Largest in the World [VIDEO]

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(Associated Press)

Oregon may take the crown with its giant honey mushroom being the largest in the world, but a giant mushroom has been found in the Yunnan province of China.

According to CS Monitor:

China’s Yunnan province is known as the “Kingdom of Mushrooms” for its rich diversity of more than 600 species of edible fungi.

This new mushroom species has not been identified yet, so we’re not sure anyone should be eating it. As documented in the Science World Report:

It measures 37 inches (93 centimeters) across the top and weighs about 33 pounds (15 kilograms).

In addition, the huge cluster of fungi has 100 caps attached to it. Even so, this does not beat Oregon’s 2,400 year-old specimen that measures 2,384 acres in size.

If you want a piece of this mushroom, share it!

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