2 Killed in SFO Plane Crash Were Chinese Girls on Exchange Trip

ye mengyuan, wang linjia, sfo dead casualties crash

The two fatal victims in yesterday’s horrific plane crash in San Francisco have been identified as 16-year-old Chinese girls, arriving in California for a summer exchange program. Both victims were middle school students from China’s Zhejiang province. Passenger accounts and eyewitness reports after the crash indicated that many of the 307 passengers on board were able to escape before the crashed Boeing 777 caught fire.

The girls’ parents have been informed by their school.

san francisco plane crash dead

Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia were among a group of 35 exchange students headed to West Valley Christian Church and School to study language and culture and experience life in America. They had also planned to visit Stanford University during their stay.

The school posted this message:

ye mengyuan, wang linjia
Gruesome details of their final moments are emerging, as one of the bodies of the Chinese girls was found on the runway, the other next to the burning wreckage.

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