Westboro Baptist Tweet: ‘God Threw Down the Plane’ After Plane Crash

Well that didn’t take them long did it? The Westboro Baptist Church took to Twitter within minutes of the horrific Asiana plane crash in San Francisco to praise God for the horrific accident.

San Francisco Plane Crash Videos: The Clips You Need to See

Today a Boeing 777, Asiana flight 214, crash landed in San Francisco International Airport. Here are the clips you need to see from this tragic event.

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The Westboro Baptist Church, who made their hateful name from protesting the funerals of victims of tragedies, somehow relating their deaths to the acceptance of homosexuality in society, often tweet hateful messages about San Francisco, due to the city’s thriving, prominent LGBT community.

San Francisco Plane Crash: The Photos You Need to See

A gallery of alarming images shared on Twitter after an Asiana flight "broke apart" and crashed at San Francisco International Airport.

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Currently it’s being reported that two people have been killed. Westboro’s mouthpiece Shirley Phelps has also tweeted on her personal account:

The Asiana Airlines plane crashed as it came in for landing at San Francisco International Airport. Of the 303 people on board, only one is reported to be in critical condition and has been airlifted from the scene.

San Francisco Plane Crash Horror: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Two people are dead and scores more injured after an Asiana flight coming in from Seoul, a Boeing 777 carrying 300-plus people, "broke apart" before landing as onlookers watched in horror and captured the chaos on Twitter.

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