NFL Players Union Wants Patriots to Pay Aaron Hernandez $82,000

Aaron Hernandez wants money from Patriots, NFLPA filing grievance for money owed to Aaron Hernandez


The NFL Players Association have told the New England Patriots the team must pay accused murderer Aaron Hernandez the $82,000 he’s owed for working out with the team this past spring, reports USA Today.

The Patriots canceled Hernandez’s contract on June 26 just hours after the tight-end was arrested in connection with the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd. Hernandez has maintained his innocence and is being held without bail in a county jail.

Aaron Hernandez wants money from Patriots, NFLPA filing grievance for money owed to Aaron Hernandez


In 2012 the disgraced player signed a $40 million extension to his contract with the Pats. USA Today says:

Hernandez’s contract also included $3.25 million in deferred signing bonus to be paid in March 2014, money Hernandez’s representatives could argue he has earned.

Here’s Aaron Hernandez’s Official Indictment for Murder [DOCS]

The former NFL star appeared in court today and was formally indicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Read the documents here.

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The NFLPA says that between April and June, Hernandez performed $82,000 worth of activities including training and promotional work. The money had not been paid at the time when Hernandez was fired. The players union issued a statement saying:

On behalf of all players, it is our responsibility to protect the rights in the collective bargaining agreement. We are not tone-deaf to what the allegations are in this case, but for the benefit of all players, there are important precedents here we must protect.

New Aaron Hernandez Prison Letter Leaked: ‘I Miss My Little Girl Terribly’

In the latest letter from the murder suspect, Hernandez offers his pen-pal tips on parenting.

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