Beau Biden Hospitalized After Feeling Disoriented on Family Vacation

Beau Biden, Beau Biden Hospitalized

(Getty Images)

A spokesman for the Delaware Department of Justice says that Beau Biden has been hospitalized after feeling weak and disoriented following a drive for a family vacation, reports The Washington Post.

Biden, the 44-year-old son of the vice president, is “being evaluated to determine the cause of an episode of disorientation and weakness that he experienced while on vacation with his family last week.” No further details have been released.

It’s been reported that the Delaware Attorney General suffered a mild stroke in 2010.

Biden has been active on Twitter, even after the episode struck, posting a photo of him and his father.

This is a breaking story. Stay tuned for updates.

The vice president’s son has been Delaware’s attorney general since 2007. He was deployed to Iraq as a member of the Delaware Army National Guard in 2008.

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