She Was ‘Leaving Him’ & He Shot Her ‘Multiple Times’: Read Derek Medina’s Arrest Affidavit [DOC]

derek medina arrest affidavit police report

Derek Medina has officially been charged with first-degree murder after killing his wife and posting her dead body to his Facebook page.

Below is the official arrest affidavit, which also reveals that Medina’s wife, Jennifer Alfonso, threatened to leave him before their altercation ended in tragedy.

Here are the shocking details:

derek medina police report

Here’s the full document:

Derek Medina ‘Facebook Wife Killer’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Derek Medina — a Florida neighborhood watchman, actor and self-help author — confessed to killing his wife on Facebook and posted a picture of the grisly murder.

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‘Facebook Wife Killer’ Derek Medina: All the Photos You Need to See

Derek Medina is the actor and fledgling self-help author who allegedly killed his wife and put a picture of her dead body on Facebook. Here are photos of him and his life.

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