’90% of White Ppl Are Nasty’ — The Racially Charged Twitter of Murder Suspect James Edwards

christopher lane murder suspects mug shots

The suspects are, in age order, right to left: (R) James Edwards, 15, (Center) Chancey Luna, 16, (L) Michael Jones, 17.

Frances Edwards, 15, is one of the two teens charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Australian college baseball player Christopher Lane. He is accused, along with Chancey Luna, 16, and Michael Jones, 17, in the random slaying after the two teens shot the jogging Lane in the back.

Edwards had was prolific on social media, and his Vine account made waves earlier this week when it depicted the young teen flaunting guns and wads of $100 bills.

Now his Twitter account has sparked media attention because it contains references to guns and violence, police, drugs — and hating white people. If his tweets are to be taken for fact, then he chronicled doing drugs, getting shot, and getting sentenced to “30 days” by a court, on his Twitter.

Here are some of the most shocking tweets:

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