Chicago Cops Think Rail-Collision Was Caused by Hijacked Train

Chicago Train Crash, Chicago Train Collision, Forest Park Train Crash, Injuries in Chicago train crash.


Cops in Chicago are acting on information that the train that caused the terrifying crash at Chicago’s Forest Park was hijacked, reports CBS Chicago.

Some 33 (despite the claim of 48 people injured by Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderonem) people were hospitalized after two CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) trains crashed in Chicago’s Forest Park during a hectic Monday morning rush-hour, reports The Chicago Tribune.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. ‘There Was Nobody at the Controls’

The collision occurred at around 8 a.m. when a train came to a scheduled stop at Harlem Station, where it was hit by an out-of-service train on the same track. Mayor Calderone told CBS Chicago that nobody was at the controls of the out-of-service train, this information was not confirmed by CTA. Police are treating the area around the crash as a crime scene but the CTA are investigating the possibility that it was a mechanical failure.

With CBS Chicago reporting the train may have been hijacked, CTA Spokeswoman Lambrini Lukidis told reporters she didn’t know why the out-of-service train was on the track.

Chicago Train Crash, Chicago Train Collision, Forest Park Train Crash, Injuries in Chicago train crash.


2. Most of the Injury Complaints are Back or Neck Pain

None of the injuries are considered to be life-threatening, according to Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone. One commuter was taken from the scene on stretcher.

3. It Isn’t Known How Many People Were on the Out-of-Service Train

Chicago Train Crash, Chicago Train Collision, Forest Park Train Crash, Injuries in Chicago train crash.

(NBC Chicago)

There were no passengers on the out-of-service train, but there may have been maintenance workers. The out-of-service train was immediately identified as such because it only had four cars, far short of the requirement for a rush out in-service train.

4. Shuttle Buses Are Being Provided for Stranded Commuters

The Blue Line train service in the city is suspended between Forest Park and Kedzie Avenue until further notice. Shuttle buses are being provided.

5. One Engineer Thinks the Out-of-Service Train Ignored Stop Signals

An engineer who was at the scene told NBC Chicago that it looked as if the out-of-service train “blew the signal,” meaning it ignored stop signs.

Another commuter, Taylor Pettiford, told The Chicago Tribune she heard people yelling: “Stop! Stop! Stop the Train! Slow Down!” Pettiford added: “I instantly started crying and I called my mom to come pick me up”.

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