FBI Sends Message Warning Oil Companies About Terrorist Threat

FBI Oil Company Warning Terrorism, FBI warns oil companies about terrorists.

New FBI Director nominee James Comey with President Obama (Getty)

According to a Reuters report, the Petroleum Marketers Association of America issued a memo to each of their members telling them they had been warned by the FBI about a terrorist threat on the week of the 9/11 anniversary.

Reuters say:

A senior law enforcement official in the New York area said he was unaware of any bulletin or any threat to oil storage plants.

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James Comey was nominated for the office of director of the FBI on September 4 by President Obama. Comey still faces a senate hearing before he can be confirmed as directory. During his nomination, current FBI Chief Robert Mueller said of Comey:

I want to commend the president for the choice of Jim Comey as the next director of the FBI. I have had the opportunity to work with Jim for a number of years at the Department of Justice, and I have found him to be a man of honesty, dedication, and integrity.

His experience, his judgment, and his strong sense of duty will benefit not only the Bureau, but the country as a whole.

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