Jacob Allen Bennett, Quadruple Homicide Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jacob allen bennett, renegade mountain murders

Police have named a suspect in the shocking quadruple homicide that saw four victims shot to death in a car on Renegade Mountain in Cumberland County, Tennessee.

He is Jacob Allen Bennett, 26, a paroled felon who was eyed as a person of interest as soon as cops launched their investigation.

Here’s what you should know about the alleged killer and this tragic case.

1. The Victims Include 3 Teenagers & a 22-Year-Old Mom

Rikki Danielle Jacobsen

Rikki Danielle Jacobsen. (Facebook)

According to WVLT, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation named the four victims and their ages:

Rikki Danielle Jacobsen, 22 (the driver).
Steven Presley, 17.
Dominic Davis, 17.
John Lajeunesse, 16.

renegade mountain murder vidtims, jacob allen bennett

Screenshot via

Crossville Chronicle reports:

Davis was a student at Cumberland County High School. Presley graduated from [the alternative] Phoenix School in May 2013. Lajeunesse is a former student of CCHS and Stone Memorial High School. He had been a homeschool student this academic year.

Jacobsen is related to one of the other victims, according to a statement from Cumberland County Schools Superintendent Donald Andrews at a live-streamed press conference. She also is the mother of a son who attends elementary school in the district. Her Facebook page displays several photos of her with child.

renegade mountain murders

Here’s the superintendent’s press conference:

2. They Were Found Dead in a Car

A local resident on Thursday morning, September 12, discovered four people in a car on Eagle Nest Road on Renegade Mountain in Cumberland County, Tennessee — apparently all dead of gunshot wounds.

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renegade mountain murders


3. Renegade Mountain, Once a Posh Resort, is Something of a Ghost Town

renegade mountain resort murders


Once home to a thriving ski resort and golf course, Renegade Mountain is former gated community still home to a residential population and homeowners association.

A 2012 feature on the resort’s “rise and fall” on reports:

Fewer than 100 residents remain on Renegade. Those few that have decided to live full-time on the mountain have banded together to improve roads and infrastructure, including the water system.

A Facebook page for residents posted this in the wake of the murders:

4. Bennett Has a Long Criminal History & Was Out on Parole

Jacob allen bennett, tennessee quadruple murder
Bennett, who reportedly has a “long” criminal history, was arrested overnight in Rhea County, Tennessee, on an unrelated parole-violation charge.

According a Tennessee government records archive displaying felony offender information, Bennett was sentenced for a crime in 2009, with the sentence stretching from March 19, 2009, to January 17, 2015. His “supervision status” is listed as “PAROLE”:

jacob allen bennett parole

NewsTalk 98.7 reports:

Cumberland County Sheriff Butch Burgess said that Bennett has been booked through his jail five times, and he knows he has a rap sheet spanning other counties and another state.

The Crossville Chronicle listed Jacob Allen Bennett, then 21, as a defendant in a theft case. In May 2009 Bennett pleaded guilty to theft of less than $500 and received a “two-year suspended sentence to be served on good behavior probation.”

5. Bennett Was Suspected Immediately

Bennett was a person of interest from the earliest stages of the investigation.

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