Ravens Star Bashed Over the Head by Stripper Named Sweet Pea

Baltimore Ravens player hit by stripper, Stripper Sweet Pea, Sweet Pea Jacoby Jones Ace of Spades.

Sweet Pea (Black Sports Online)

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones got up to some mischief last night while partying in D.C. to celebrate teammate Bryant McKinnie’s birthday, reports TMZ.

The gossip site reports that while on board a bus with a bunch of his teammates and revelers, Jones got into some sort of altercation with a stripper named “Sweet Pea.” It’s alleged that “Sweet Pea” whacked Jones over the head with a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne. TMZ says “there was blood everywhere” and an ambulance was called to the scene, Jones was not taken to hospital. It’s further alleged that Jones tried to “retaliate” against Ms. Pea but was subdued by the birthday boy.

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In reaction to the story, Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh said it’s “Not what we want to be known for.”

Meanwhile, Black Sports Online reports that this is Ms. Pea:

Baltimore Ravens player hit by stripper, Stripper Sweet Pea, Sweet Pea Jacoby Jones Ace of Spades.


The Baltimore Sun reports:

Police were flagged down Monday morning shortly before 3 a.m. for an altercation that was occurring at 15th and I Street NW. The complainant who was injured, indicated that he did not know how he obtained the injury. The complainant refused medical treatment on the scene and refused to go to the hospital.

Jones hasn’t played since the first week of the season, reports CBS Baltimore, following a knee injury, Jones was listed to be out for 4-6 weeks.

Deadspin further reports, that a now-deleted Instagram account attributed to Pea shows pictures of the stripper/hooker with numerous other NFL players, including last night’s birthday boy, Bryant McKinnie.

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