Flesh-Rotting Drug: 20 Photos of Krokodil Victims You’ll Wish You Never Saw [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

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  1. I look at this and think nah it’s a hoax, zombie movie makeup, but it’s not, that is what happens when the rot sets in, I thought the scars from my meningococcal disease could have been bad but that is just gut churning sick, why TF would anyone do that to themselves.

      • I agree with you totally!! if you’ve never been there you’ll never know so you need not comment on it! Don’t get me wrong its a good thing that you’ve never been there, but I hate it when people talk about addiction and I don’t even understand it.cCan you imagine how horrible it must be to just have to keep doing that to yourself until you rot!! My heart goes out to these people.

        • You dont know
          ” be to just have to keep doing that to yourself until you rot!!”
          I keeped doing it after my flesh started rooting from inside out. The difference is that i started using more frequently.
          And i knew the next was the bones.
          At the hospital my imunologic system was 7 times under the tolerable limit. That is why i started rooting. When you start rooting it is when you are about decide to dye and acellerate the process using kkdye.
          If i had taken antibiotic before start rooting i would have a chance to stop.
          see you next life!
          I will go to hell because of suicide?

        • Obviously they knew the what would happened before they took the drug as with any drug there is side affects do it and suffer plain and simple. No simpathy for any addict.

        • Debbie is right, keep as far away from all drugs except weed in some cases. I was addicted to OxyContin crushing and snorting them. In rehab they told me I had the equivalent of a 3bag of heroin a day habit. I was so shocked because I WOULD NEVER DO HEROIN! Right. Many years ago a smart First Lady named Nacy Reagan said”JUST SAY NO!” I almost lost everything but my wife being the strong loving woman that she is, told the Doctor on me. At the time I hated her for that. She saved my life and I have spent the last 15yrs thanking her. We’ll be married 28yrs on the 22nd. I’m glad God put her in my life because she saved it.

  2. I dont have any pitty on anyone who does drugs it is there own fault for doing them you know what will happen what can happen nobody’s fault but their own…

  3. I believe that krokodil is sold to the unwitting addicts as “Heroin”. They are literally told, “this is heroin”. The users then inject the drug fully unaware of what they are really injecting. The same thing happens with MDMA aka Ecstasy. Buyers are sold a “fake” drug that is made to appear like the one they are seeking. The unwitting victims do not realize the danger until the rot sets in. Tragic. LEGALIZE DRUGS. Increase the availability of methadone.

    • I have been an addict before i think these people honestly dont know what will happen or they think its heroin either or a strict crackdown needs to b done here bfore people we know and love ends up a zombie and we loose them i say do ur pot ur coke ur meth ur pilss whatever just make sure u dont get hold of this stuff i know addicts who have been that way for 50 or 60 yrs and are still here at least but this is awful lifespan for it 2 or 3 yrs is all now

    • I’m sorry, but I DO NOT BELIEVE for one second that these people “thought” they were buying “heroin” and it was this krokodil junk. Here is the one and only reason why…you do not buy heroin in a liquid form in any type of beaker or container. I have never used needles but whenever I or someone else I know has bought H in smaller quantities like dimes or dubs, it is in powder form. Half G or more usually in rock or “hard” form. The point I am getting to is that you either snort it, or “cook” it and the only other “substance” used other than the heroin is water.

  4. My wife and I had come across these twenty pictures.We couldn’t believe our eyes,and that’s to say the least.I myself am an recovering addict/Drunk.Sober now for 8yrs and trying to wrap my mind around all of this.I know what it’s like to have uncontrollable cravings but my god!!!!I just hope that where ever this drug shows up the athorites are able to shut it down hard and fast.
    May God be with all,and keep all from this terrible, terrible POISON.
    Scott D.

  5. You know I got to using drugs not because I wanted to do drugs.but from using prescription pain pills because of broken bones and other injuries. So before I knew it I was addicted which led to other drugs. So all of you making comments about people who are addicted are complete idiots. Alcohol is a drug and is the worse thing to detox off of. More people die from detoxing off alcohol then any drug look it up!!So you uniformed idiots don’t comment it you know nothing of the situation. That’s all I have to say.

        • You have no idea obviously how bad alcohol is. Do you know what a hangover is, its your body withdrawing. What other substance do you know of that you withdraw after the first use. Cw is right, I was addicted to multiple drugs and alcohol. You can put down and fight the urges to pick back up if you are strong enough, you can not just quit drinking without medical assistance if you drank every day like I did. Not to mention that your dope dealer isn’t on every corner, and 70percent of your restaurants in America

      • You have no idea obviously how bad alcohol is. Do you know what a hangover is, its your body withdrawing. What other substance do you know of that you withdraw after the first use.

  6. If any1 has ever been properly educated on what or who an addict is,they would find out its actually a disease. Weather it be cocaine,pills,WEED,Alcohol,hell ,even diet coke if you can’t stop drinking it and it’s harming your life in negative ways. For any1 saying stuff like,I don’t feel for any of these addicts,it’s their own fault. Do some research b4 you look very ignorant. If you are currently suffering,try “NA” there is hope for every1. God Bless.