Martin ‘Marty’ Bodrog, Navy Yard Victim: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Martin Bodrog Killed, Marty Bodrog Victim, Marty Bodrog Annandale Virginia, Marty Bodrog Washington Navy Yard Shooting.

Martin Bodrog, or Marty to his friends, was a Navy veteran who lived in Annandale, Virginia. He has been confirmed as one of the victims of the horror that broke out at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16, reports NPR.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. He Was a Senior Analyst at a Tech-Marine Company

Bodrog is reported by NPR to have worked as a senior analyst at Tech-Marine Business. On the company’s website, they are described as featuring many former military officers on staff. Tech-Marine Business offers support to the Navy across different departments.

Remembering the 12 Victims of the Washington Navy Yard Shooting

Longtime veterans and civilian employees are among the 12 victims killed by Aaron Alexis at the Navy Yard.

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2. He Was a Father of Three

According to ABC, Bodrog was married to his wife, Melanie, for 25 years. Together they had three daughters, Isabel, 23, Sophie, 17, and Rita, 16.

3. He Was Crazy for the Bruins

He was a lifelong Boston Bruins fan, having grown up in North Andover, Massachusetts. The Boston Herald says he “carried his love for the Boston Bruins in his heart for a lifetime” and could often be seen in his “trademark Boston Bruins jersey.”

4. His Family Released a Heartbreaking Statement

It read:

Marty was a humble, loving father and neighbor,” Bodrog, of Annandale, Va., “could frequently be seen in all types of weather, even post-blizzard cold, in shorts and his trademark Boston Bruins jersey, walking his dog and helping shovel the driveways of his elderly neighbors, Marty was a source of inspiration to his family and friends — those of us that were lucky enough to know Marty are better people for it.

5. He Was a Sunday School Teacher

Martin Bodrog Killed, Marty Bodrog Victim, Marty Bodrog Annandale Virginia, Marty Bodrog Washington Navy Yard Shooting.

Bodrog could often be seen at the Immanuel Bible Church, where he taught the Sunday School and a program called “Young Life,” a Christian class for high school students, adds The Boston Herald.

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