Parents Charged With Murder After Starving Blind Toddler to Death

Nathalyz Rivera Carmen Ramirez Carlos Rivera, Toddler Starved to Death Philadelphia, Parents Charged Blind Toddler Starved.

(NBC Philadelphia)

The parents of Nathalyz Rivera, Carmen Ramirez and Carlos Rivera have been charged with the little girl’s murder. The child was found at the parents home, deceased, at the time of her death she weighed just 11 pounds, reports CBS Philadelphia.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Investigating Officers Wore Biohazard Suits as They Searched the Girl’s Home

Nathalyz Rivera Carmen Ramirez Carlos Rivera, Toddler Starved to Death Philadelphia, Parents Charged Blind Toddler Starved.

Carlos Rivera (Philadelphia Police)

Police officers went to the home on Sunday September 8 after the girl’s father, Carlos Rivera, had called 911 after he found she was lifeless. Neighbors reported that the cops were wearing biohazard suits as they entered the home after the call. Cops said that the house was filled trash and the fire department had to be called to help officers negotiate their way through the mess. Rivera was taken by private vehicle to Einstein Medical Center where died at around 2 a.m. on September 9.

She weighed just 11 pounds, the recommended weight for a three-year-old is 25 to 36 pounds.

2. A High Ranking Official Calls it ‘One of the Worst Cases of Child Malnutrition’



James Clark, a captain in the Philadelphia police called it “one of the worst cases of child malnutrition he has ever seen.” Relatives of the girl were interviewed after it became apparent how unwell little Nathalyz Rivera was. The interviews were held at the family home on Sommers Road in West Oak Lane in the city. Officers then went to another address at Ogontz Avenue close by where more people were interviewed.

3. Neighbors Saw the Parents Going Into the Home With Groceries



Neighbors have reacted with horror. one, Anetta Dangerfield, told CBS Philadelphia: “To hear something like this happen, it’s really sad when children are concerned.” Others have said that the family were not sociable in the neighborhood. Other local residents have said that they often saw the parents enter the home with groceries and the other children in the house appeared to be well-fed.

4. Nathalyz Rivera is a Twin



There were four other children in the home when police arrived. Their ages are 9, 8, 7 and little Nathalyz Rivera’s twin, also 3. They have since all been taken into protective custody. Neighbor Furman Pace spoke about the other children saying: “They usually stayed inside the house. They weren’t as social as the rest of the kids in the neighborhood were.”

5. Both Parents Are Charged With Murder



Both Carmen Ramirez and Carlos Rivera face charges of third-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, criminal conspiracy and child endangerment charge. They were both arraigned on Tuesday September 10. It was Philadelphia’s medical examiner who ruled little Nathalyz’s death a homicide.

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