‘Sleepless in Austin’—Texas Man Willing to Pay $1.5K to Matchmaker, Problem is He’s an Asshole

sleepless in austin, texas, matchmaker

An Austin, Texas man is looking for love. The only problem is, he’s a complete asshole.

The wannabe Romeo who took to the Internet to express his wishes to find a long-term gal; even offering $1,500 to anyone who can find him a girlfriend. There’s also a higher incentive if the girlfriend becomes fiancee.

sleepelss in austin

You can view his website here, aptly titled ‘Sleepless in Austin.’

The only trouble is, the man is a prude, misogynistic racist.

Warn your girl friends about this jerk!

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Some quotes from his site include:

I am 39 years old, (date of birth is 9-18-1974 so that makes me a Virgo) 6′,4″ and 195lbs… I am looking for a girl that has a thin or athletic build. No one over 130lbs. Ages 21 – 41 White, Hispanic, or of European descent.

I will not date any girl that has ever had a threesome, or a large number of past sexual partners. I do not want a promiscuous slut, I want a normal, decent, good hearted girlfriend.

I will not date a Black girl. I don’t care if she looks like Halle Berry, I will not ever date a Black girl. And, I do not believe that Whites & Blacks should mix races sexually and have kids together. I think it’s ok for Whites & Hispanics. But not Blacks. I would NEVER, EVER, EVER date a woman if I found out she had EVER been sexually active with a Black man.

Sooo ladies, who’s interested? Not all at once.

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