Reports: Gunman on Campus at University of South Florida

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Police in Tampa and campus security are actively searching for a gunman who was spotted near the health buildings of the University of South Florida, reports WFTS.

This is a breaking story so please stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what we know so far…

1. Students were sent text alerts by the school warning them about the intruder. The text read:

Armed intruder near USF Health (MDC)area. Remain alert. Avoid area. Follow police instructions.

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2. The intruder is reported to have last been seen in the campus’ health building. The gunman is reported to have jumped the fence between the Tampa headquarters of Shriners Children’s Hospital and the Moffitt Cancer Center both of which are associate with the USF health program.

3. Tweets from the ground tell us police are telling students to avoid certain areas of the campus.

The campus newspaper, The Oracle, is now reporting via their Twitter account that the nursing building has reopened.

4. A massive police operation including a helicopter are searching the college. A brief description of the man was reported by Fox Tampa:

The man was only described as black, short with a lean build, and wearing blue shirt and khaki shorts.The man was only described as black, short with a lean build, and wearing blue shirt and khaki shorts.

5. More than 400 people work at the health center on the campus.

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