INSANE VIDEO: Biker Robbed at Gunpoint, Thug Shot by Cop, All Caught on Helmet Cam

In this insane new video out of Brazil, a man on a motorcycle is robbed at gunpoint by another biker.

A cop then guns down the offending thug as he attempts to escape on the victim’s bike.

The whole thing is filmed by the victim’s helmet cam.

brazil biker helmet cam gunpoint video

before it happens

gun ride up

The 20 Scariest Dash Cam GIFs: Crazy Car Crashes & Highway Shootings Caught on Camera

Dash cams and helmet cams catch scary road incidents every day. Here are the 20 you hope you never experience.

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before pointing


hand it over

take off

gun cop

gun cop two

gun cop three

WATCH: Cop Throws Woman Into Concrete Bench, Shattering Her Face

A CCTV video has emerged of a cop throwing a woman into a bench. She claims the injuries were so severe she needed reconstructive surgery.

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