Jeremiah Mieses, Comatose Biker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeremiah Mieses Jay Meezee, Jay Meezee Rapper, Jeremiah Mieses Road Rage, Jeremiah Mieses Coma.


Jeremiah Mieses, known as Jay Meezee in rap circles, has been identified as the man who was allegedly hit by Alexian Lien during the terrifying road rage incident that happened in Manhattan on September 29, reports CBS Boston.

In the incident, depicted in a viral video, a group of bikers called the Hollywood Stuntz attempted to intimidate a driver, Lien, who was out for a Sunday drive with his family. It all turned ugly when Lien panicked, fearing for his family’s safety, and ran over a biker (Mieses). Mieses, according to his family, now lies in a coma in a New York hospital with numerous broken bones and possible paralysis. The rest of the gang followed the Lien for about 80 blocks until they were able to catch up with him and physically assault him.

Here’s what you need to know about Mieses:

1. His Wife Says Her Husband Was Only Trying to Help

4. A Tribute Facebook Page Refers to Him as ‘a Family Man’

Jeremiah Mieses Jay Meezee, Jay Meezee Rapper, Jeremiah Mieses Road Rage, Jeremiah Mieses Coma.


Mieses is reported to be the father of two children ages 15 and 9, reports The Daily News. A Facebook page dedicated to Mieses says that a fund has been set up to help his family cover the medical costs.

5. Mieses is the Son of a Well-Known Pennsylvania Pastor

rev edwin mieses, road rage biker

Mieses’ father, the Rev. Edwin Mieses, of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, where he’s the pastor of the Good News Church. He has been active on Facebook updating his flock on his son’s progress. Comments on the church’s Facebook page were sympathetic to the condition of Jeremiah Mieses, but other’s on the church’s official website were less forgiving. One pointed out: “Live like a thug, die like a thug.”

In January 2013, Rev. Mieses was in the news for more positive reasons as he rebuilt a disused Jewish Community Center as his church had outgrown their former home in Hazleton, reports The Standard Speaker.

Jeremiah Mieses aka Jay Meezee: All the Pics You Need to See

Jeremiah Mieses is in a coma after a viral road rage video showed him getting run over on his motorcycle after an altercation on New York's West Side Highway. Graphic photos.

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  1. Beating up skinny Asian dudes in front of their families is some incredibly Christlike behavior. I bet Edwin Mieses is glad that he raised his son to be a God-fearing Believer. Seriously, maybe he should have thumped his son’s ass instead of his Bibles.