Westboro Baptist Promises to Picket Hero Teacher’s Funeral


The hateful monsters at the Westboro Baptist Church have waded into another American tragedy. After yesterday’s horrific events in Sparks, Nevada, where a middle school student shot two classmates, killed a teacher and ultimately took his own life, a hero’s story emerged.

Westboro Baptist Church Michael Landsberry Sparks Nevada Sparks Middle School Shooting


The hero was Michael Landsberry, a former U.S. Marine, soccer coach, and all-around popular teacher and wonderful man who attempted to stop the shooter, an action that ended his life prematurely. Now, in an attempt to soil his legacy, WBC members have tweeted that they will picket his funeral.

Michael Landsberry, the Hero Teacher Who Took a Bullet to Save His Students: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Landsberry, popular math teacher at Sparks Middle School in Nevada, is the former Marine who was shot dead by a student today while preventing a far greater tragedy.

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The “church,” which has made its name in protesting the funerals of victims of tragedies — somehow relating the deaths to acceptance of homosexuality in society — has proven time and again that no tragedy is safe from the group’s vile opinions.

In preparation for the WBC’s righteous onslaught, communities often band together to form a “human shield” to prevent the protesters and their offensive signs from marring memorials to fallen heroes.

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