Swarm of Killer Bees Kills Pitbull in St. Petersburg, Florida

Two pitbulls in St. Petersburg, Florida, were attacked on Thursday morning by a swarm of Africanized, or killer bees. One of the dogs died, another is critically injured in a veterinary hospital, reports WFLA.

The dogs, both strays, were being fed by a woman on 23rd Avenue in St. Petersburg. Bee experts, called after local police arrived on the scene, found 80,000 killer bees living in the woman’s attic. She said she had no idea they were there and is very sorry for the attack. The surviving dog was hospitalized with over 100 stings.

Experts will wait until the sun goes down and the bees are calmer before removing them.

The Africanized bee is considered far more dangerous than the regular honey bee. They are more aggressive and quicker to swarm, according to a USDA report.

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