16-Year-Old Arrested in Connection With FBI Assault Rifle Thefts

In a new revelation in the mysterious case of the stolen FBI assault rifles, authorities have made an arrest in Lawrence, Massachusetts. According to reports a 16-year-old has been charged in “connection” with the theft, reports WHDH.

The guns were stolen from an FBI agent’s car on November 7, with the Feds making an instant plea for their return, going so far as to offer a $20k reward.

My Fox Boston reports that a family member of the arrested teen handed the guns into the Andover Police Department on the morning of November 8. Fingerprints taken from the guns led them to arrest the teen in Lawrence.

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The guns stolen were a Colt M16-A1 Rifle and a HS Precision Pro-Series 2000 Sniper Rifle. They were taken from an agent’s SUV that was parked at his home in Andover on November 7. The FBI have said that the agent was using the guns for an operation.

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