Source: Richie Incognito Held Team Meetings at a Strip Club

Richie Incognito Jonathan Martin Strip Club Bullying Kangaroo Court Suspended NFL Player


According to a new report in the National Football Post, suspended Miami Dolphin Richie Incognito appointed himself as some sort of dictator and ordered his offensive line teammates to attend meetings at a strip club.

A “source” told the National Football Post:

Richie wanted to set up Richie’s world as a way for everybody to act. Richie thinks everybody should act that way. He doesn’t get that some guys aren’t into that behav-ior. Some guys don’t want to constantly explain to their wife or girlfriend why they have to go to a strip club.

Incognito is suspended by the Dolphins over claims he racially bullied teammate Jonathan Martin, calling him a “half-n*gger” in a voicemail.

In Dolphins’ Locker Room, ‘Martin Was Considered Less Black Than Incognito’

The white NFL player at the center of a racism scandal is actually considered an "honorary black man" by black players on the team, claims a Miami Herald blog post.

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NFL’s independent investigator Ted Wells is planning to meet with Dolphins OT Jonathan Martin late next week in LA, per league source.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) November 8, 2013

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