Darius McCollum, Train Hijacker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

4. His Mother Had Cut Off Contact Since His Last Arrest

Darius McCollum
The New York Daily News spoke with McCollum’s mother this week, and found she was unaware of his impending release, as she had stopped speaking to her son a few months ago:

“I said this last time, ‘Darius, I’m not getting a lawyer for you. I’m not getting involved. I just can’t take it anymore. . . . You’re going to have to learn. You’re an adult now.’ ”

Nonetheless, she said she would love to see her son for Christmas. Unfortunately, that would be legally impossible. One of the cruel ironies of McCollum’s predicament has been that while many of his family members and psychiatrists have recommended that he leave the New York City area to escape the temptation of the trains, the conditions of his many paroles have restricted him from joining his mother in her North Carolina home.

5. He Will Be Entering Intensive Therapy for the First Time

McCollum didn’t receive sentencing for his 2010 Trailways incident until earlier this year, when prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed it was finally time to try a different approach. Upon today’s parole, McCollum will undergo cognitive behavioral therapy aimed at allowing him to develop control over his compulsions.

His lawyer, Sally Butler, has enlisted the help of the Consulting Project, a group of psychologists and forensic social workers who will work to find McCollum housing and treatment.

Here’s hoping they get McCollum where he needs to go.

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