Incorrect Apocalypse Predictor Harold Camping Dead at 92

Harold Camping Dead Dies Died Death Christian Evangelist


Harold Camping, the man who famously predicted the world would end through his infamous “Family Radio,” has died at the age of 92, reports ABC News.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Hadn’t Been Heard From Publicly in a While

Harold Camping Dead Dies Died Death Christian Evangelist


Camping had all-but retired from public life after suffering a stroke soon after his doomsday prediction proved false.

2. His Church Spent $100 Million Promoting the Apocalypse

He twice predicted the apocalypse, once in 1994, and later in 2011, neither prediction came true. For the 2011 prediction, the Family Church spent over $100 million promoting the end of existence, reports The Los Angeles Times.

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3. He Was Married For 71 Years

According to a spokesperson, Camping died on December 15, his health had not been good since his stroke. The spokesperson also noted that he survived by his wife of 71 years.

4. His Math Was Off

Harold Camping Dead Dies Died Death Christian Evangelist


He blamed his errors in predicting the end-of-days on bath arithmetic. After his May 2011 prediction failed, he said that Judgement Day would occur on October 21, but later said that he was “flabbergasted” that the world had not ended. Donations to his church fell off swiftly after life went on, reports KAKE.

5. His Parents Were Dutch Immigrants

Both of Camping’s parents were from the Netherlands but Camping was born in Colorado and raised in California.

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